Project Description

raws tim raue


One day I was contacted by a guy who was called Tim Raue. When I was checking the email, I was like “mhhh I think I heard that name”. At that point I googled him and it was clear. Tim is one of the best chefs in the world. He was several times in tv shows, worked for the best restaurants in Germany and became known for his highend asian influenced cooking style. His Restaurant “Restaurant Tim Raue”, which is based in the center of Berlin is one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. In 2018 it won the 37 place. It has two Michelin stars and definitetly has a well known kitchen.

Tim wrote to me, that he is interested in meeting me to talk about a new artwork for the above mentioned restaurant. So we met, I had the plessure to eat with Tim in his kitchen and we talked about art and food. The food was amazing. As we were a little bit in a rush, I had no time to really relax and enjoy it by tasting every little thing. But it was awesome to stand next to the cook and talk about his ideas of taste. When it comes to art and creativity, I learned that he has a similar view. To sum up: He asked me to produce a big 220cm by 220cm canvas for (probebly) the best and most prominent place in the restaurant. To have an insight in how I paint such a canvas, see some making of images here:













No have a look on how the canvas is placed in the restaurant. As you can see it is hanging around at one of the most prominent walls. I really like how it fits the interior design…

raws tim raue

raws tim raue