Project Description

raws canvas graffiti artwork


When it comes to Raws artworks on canvas, he tries to combine his love for graffiti with his addiction to graphics and art. In addition to his classic Graffiti pieces, he wants to do the next step forward and tries to focus on the feeling he has when it comes to his graffiti. So he painted canvases, which don’t only show letters, but also abstract elements, which express (in a different way) what Raws feels when it comes to his graffiti pieces. He really wanted to go to the edges of what graffiti can be and what it means to him. The main questions he wants to deal with are: “What is Graffiti?”, “Is Graffiti art?”, “At which visual point sociaty thinks Graffiti becomes art?” and in the end “What is art?”. Download the portfolio for more information.