03 – RAWS
  • MEDIUM – Contemporary art + digital art + urbanart

  • STYLE – clean, graphically, minimalistc, abstract, urban

  • CAREER – since 2004

  • WORKED WITH – Nike, Marvel, Jaegermeister, Faber Castell, Seat…

  • SOCIALS – 140k Follower

Who is Raws?

Kai “Raws” Imhof is a young Berlin artist who deals with the abstraction of urban aesthetic elements, digitalization and social challenges. The central means here, in addition to the medium of spray cans and the color world of certain urban movements, is the compositional arrangement of the elements. Imhof thus combines his past as a graffiti artist with the influences of modern graphic design, contemporary art and social themes. Raws had the opportunity to work with huge brands like Nike, Jaegermeister or Seat and was exhibited all over the world.


Strange things are happening. Sound on! This is an official artwork by Raws. It is part of the HOPE | Art Collection and will be an open edition. Together with 3D artist Marc Pantenburg, Raws created this animation to bring his physical asthetics into the digital space.


  • SIZE: 1080 × 1350 px

  • EDITION: 94

  • FILE: mp4

  • YEAR: 2023