Project Description

No mather if it is Covid-19, global warming, social injustice or crazy politicians, we have to deal with a lot of challenges these days. With this exhibition Raws reacts to these chaotic times we are living in. In addition to the artworks presented in the show, Raws created a unique piece of art:

“For my first international duo show in France I wanted to create something outstanding. The idea was to produce an artwork which was inspired by the city and my time in Paris.Therefore I went through the streets, soaking up the atmosphere with all the streetart, the people and the architecture. Inspired by that i created a painting, using materials from the parisien streets like dust or posters. What came out was a piece of art which contains emotions of a city full of creativity, love and energy. This is chaos in paris.” – Raws

See the video of the opening and the production of “CHAOS IN PARIS”:


And now have a look on some photos of the opening party in Berlin and the show itself: