Project Description

PORSCHE CHAOS 911 – Artcar by Raws

Kai ‚RAWS‘ Imhof – born in the metropolitan area of Berlin and raised in the heart of the capital – Raws promised himself to art at an early age. After an education in graphic design, which was completed with an award, it was clear to him: a focus on being an artist is certain. Influenced by the combination of urban life in his hometown and his earlier career as a graphic designer, it was only a matter of time before his fascination with abstract urban art grabbed him next. Influenced by what he had learned at that time, inspired by important artists such as Pablo Picasso or Wasily Kandinky and motivated by his own ideas, the next step in the direction of his art began: the combination of urban art and his love for clear lines, structure and orderly arrangements.

Exactly these attributes, his career and style can be seen directly and at first sight in RAWS‘ new project ‚PORSCHE CHAOS 911‘. Mediated by contemporary artist and friend Tim Bengel, this project is the brainchild of Kai Imhof and not only represents a special interplay of art and medium, but also serves as a kind of premiere for RAWS, who also painted his first car ever with the Porsche GTS Cabrio he designed, thus also underlining how important it is for him to develop in his art and find new media.

If you look a little closer at the idea and its implementation, you will notice obvious parallels: true to the Porsche‘s home, the sports car was designed in Stuttgart; similar to the agility of the Car, RAWS‘ elements wind around the sporty shapes of the body, the dynamic properties of the graphics combine with the driving property of the car – the canvas. Also the claim ‚More of what you love‘ serves both protagonists and underlines the project, which was premiered and driven out directly on the race track after seven days of foiling and spraying. – Text by Harald Schaak